Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Julie and I took a quick trip up to St. Croix Falls last weekend, and stopped for a little hike through three different spots on our way home. The views were spectacular… and reveal why these are places worth preservation. (Click on any image to enlarge.)

Near the Pothole outpost of Interstate Park, there is a collection of rapids as the St. Croix River passes under the bridge between Taylors Falls and St. Croix Falls. This shot (above) was taken from the Minnesota side, looking toward Wisconsin. Look closely, and you’ll see a frozen waterfall of run-off… waiting for its’ chance to be “first into the river” when the thaw comes.

The backwaters at Osceola (left) seemed a bit sleepy at first glance. But countless paw prints of every shape and size indicated that not everything is dormant.
At William O’Brien, we shot a contrasting photo of the bog that sat behind our campsite last summer. The shot above was taken in February, 2008 (around 4 pm). The shot below was taken in late July, 2007 (around 6 am).

© 2008 Mike D. Anderson, Crystal, MN.

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