Sunday, November 16, 2008

Caitlyn brings some color to the project!

The winter winds have arrived. Our time on the water is over for 2008. But our river restoration efforts are not over just because the navigation season is over.
This weekend, our grand-daughter Caitlyn came over for a visit (we had a sleepover!), and she told me of a project she was working on for school. The assignment involved creating a poster about something she felt strongly about, and Caitlyn decided her poster would be about keeping our rivers clean.

I was really proud that she wanted to make a picture about something that was important to her grandma and I! We gave her some photographs of junk we had recovered, the tools we use... and of course, a couple of pictures of our waterways in their pristine, beautiful, natural state. She added the photos to her freehand poster, and told me it would be okay if I shared her artwork with you. (The photos she selected are shown to the left. You can click on any poster or photo to enlarge it.)

Sometimes, the important thing is not to have an impact on a place or an issue.
Often, the greater role each of us plays is when something we do has an impact on others.
Like the impact Caitlyn has had on her proud Grandma & Grandpa.

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