Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Video Journal: The Beauty

[Adoption site 2: Northern St. Croix River.] When Julie and I started this project, we agreed that progress should not be measured in terms of garbage alone. If a person focuses only on trash, discarded tires or appliances, or dumped barrels… eventually, life is going to get depressing. Granted, taking photos of that trash is part of the geo-trashing process, and measuring the volume of trash recovered is an important yardstick of progress. But the point of CleanUpTheRiver.com is not garbage. It’s clean rivers.

So, we decided photos of debris—the beast—should be accompanied by pictures of the beauty: The wonderful scenes we’ve enjoyed along the way, and the beauty left behind in the wake of our efforts, the efforts of others, or simply, Mother Nature.

In early September, Julie and I had a chance to escape to the northern St. Croix River Valley. The trip would provide two days on the water… and a chance for us to gather some memories that would carry us over the winter. You can view a small screen-size version by clicking on the play/pause buttons below, or you can see a larger screen version of the video by clicking here: [Scenes from the St. Croix: 5 minutes, 33 seconds.]

There's nothing like being on the water yourself. But I hope this brings you close. If you have a river scene you'd like to share, or questions and comments about this site, just drop me an email.

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