Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A perspective of the task ahead

This winter, I have been working to update our "inventory" of trash targets. The goal is to match dozens of GPS waypoints with their corresponding digital photo. Together, these "geotags" and photos will each identify a debris field or dumped object. I still have plenty of this organizing to do, but I can give you a preview that illustrates just how complete our inventory of trash targets has become.

Look at the map below... and feel free to scroll around, zoom in, and snoop around. Each pointer or flag you see on this map below represents a debris field or dumped object (ranging from tires to appliances to construction debris, and yes... more safes). Keep in mind that this map represents just a 9.7 mile stretch of the north metro Mississippi River (our Adoption Site #3).

There is much to clear. But a recent development may lead us to a plan that helps clear many of these trash targets very soon. More later!

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© 2009 Mike Anderson, Crystal, MN.

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