Wednesday, February 3, 2010

If conservation starts with appreciation, some great things are starting upstream on the Crow River

Since moving to St. Michael, I've met a number of new friends who are involved with the task of conservation, through a wide variety of projects. I'd like to introduce you to one of those people... and a project that has effectively connected hundreds of youth with the outdoors.

The group is called "The Crow River Trail Guards," and it was founded in 1992 by Paynesville resident Tom Koshiol.

Rather than explain this program to you, I'm going to suggest that you visit the Trail Guards website (, after watching this fantastic video produced by and aired on Life to the Max:

When you consider how Mr. Koshiol has influenced so many young people to connect with their natural surroundings... you can only conclude that the impact of this project is beyond measure.

Thanks, Tom.

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  1. Tom is indeed doing tremendous work with the Crow River Trail Guards. From having spoken with him about the program and watched the TV segment, all I can say is I wish every community and every river had 10 guys like him, or even just one. The benefits for the kids, the river and the community cannot be understated. Keep it up, Tom!