Thursday, June 19, 2008

Care flows in more than one way

Several weeks ago, I asked for your patience, as my writing for the blog has been less frequent as of late. Now that I have a few moments (feels like the first time in a while), let me explain what has been keeping me so busy. My Dad had surgery back on May 23rd in the hopes of solving a fight with lung cancer. The surgery went quite well, and the cancer is gone. His recovery, however, has not been so easy, due to pre-existing conditions. He has been in the ICU at Mayo Clinic (St. Mary's Hospital) for most of the past four weeks.

We drive, often as we can, to Rochester… to visit with Dad and support Mom in her care-giving role. We will have other summer days to pursue our passion for the river. But we have only one family... a that truth will be given the priority it deserves for as long as needed.

Having said these things, all of this has been going on long enough that we’re building it into our weekly schedule (even with the added complication of my business travel schedule). So it is good, tonight, to write an entry for the blog again. Doing so when life is so busy is strangely therapeutic. Perhaps that means I am stubborn.

If so, I’d like to think I get that from my Dad.

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