Monday, June 23, 2008

Respecting the river levels

While it’s been a busy summer, and difficult to find as much time as we’d like for our surveying missions, it’s worth noting that if life wasn’t keeping us from making progress… the river would be! Over the past few weeks, the river level on the Mississippi has been hovering between 7 and 8 feet above the gage level at Anoka, according to the USGS. She has only today fallen to near the six-foot level... still nearly four feet over the height at which our previously surveyed items will be completely visible.

That means clean-up or survey work might not only be difficult, it could be downright dangerous on our stretch of adopted Mississippi River. Best wait for another week or two before getting underway.

Sometimes, Mother Nature has a way of making us focus on what’s important. It’s always a good idea to respect her wishes.

© 2008 Mike D. Anderson, Crystal, MN.

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