Monday, August 11, 2008

Geo-trashing for entire cities

There was an interesting story in today’s USA Today, which explained how Jim Oswald, an I.T. consultant for the city of Clemson, S.C., created a plan to save 350 gallons of diesel per month using GPS technology.

It seems city garbage trucks capable of handling large debris were driving all over town to find it. Mr. Oswald and some co-workers developed a plan to have “regular” sanitation truck drivers indicate where this large debris (tree limbs, appliances, etc.) was located. Thus, the special trucks could drive right to where they were needed, without wasting time, fuel and other city resources.

We’ve been geo-trashing (geo-tagging debris sites) for about a year now, using handheld GPS technology, a kayak, and a digital camera. It sounds like this smart city planner was thinking similar thoughts in a parallel universe… to save his city a lot of gas, time, and cash.

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