Sunday, April 26, 2009


There are certain times in life when one is prone to reflection. We are bound to reflect when we pass one of life’s benchmarks, whether that milestone is a major anniversary, important promotion, or significant birthday. We might reflect when facing a particular challenge; an illness, a job loss or other trauma to our way of life.

Or, we might reflect when given the blessing of a moment; a chance to simply stop, see, and hear. The opportunity to look at life in a way... that life looks back.

For quite some time, now, I have intended to gather and organize a group of photos I’ve taken from the St. Croix River Valley, each having something to do with "reflection." We've taken other nice shots since beginning this project, but the pictures in this group share this one common attribute: Their intensity is doubled because the because skyward beauty is reflected in the foreground glass of water.

I’ll say nothing further, and invite you to click through the set of images for yourself. I’m confident the real views of the river will write a better essay than any words I could offer on the matter. (Click on the image below to enlarge, and then select "slide show" when Picasa opens.)

© 2009 Mike D. Anderson. All rights reserved.


  1. Mike,

    Those photos were awesome! It makes me want to leave my desk right now, go pull my kids out of school and go out on the river. When I am busy and so caught up in life, you forget about the beauty that God has provided right here in our neck of the woods. I need to get out more! Thank you so much for sharing.

    Amy Frischmon

  2. Mike,

    Each season, each photo, each place on the River is glorious. Thanks for showing me the beauty of the St Croix River at 6 in the morning on opening fishing day.
    The River is a slice of heaven and thanks to you will stay that way.

  3. Mike,
    Thanks for sharing these gorgeous photos of my beloved River. I am enjoying them early in the am on opening fishing day on the St Croix. May everyone out there today appreciate the beauty more than catching a fish.
    I live in a slice of heaven and thanks to you it will stay that way.

    Lisa Schlingerman

  4. Mike, Great slideshow! I enjoying it again and again!

  5. Great shots!
    Very amazing shots!
    Thank you for sharing!