Saturday, April 18, 2009

A wonderful (pre-Earth) day at Nokomis

Today, I had the opportunity to participate in Earth Day festivities a little ahead of schedule (the official Earth Day is April 22nd). I appreciated that fact, since work obligations will keep me from doing anything on Wednesday. This morning, an impressive group of citizens converged for a clean-up of the Lake Nokomis, Hiawatha, and Minnehaha areas.

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, Karen Solas from Friends of the Mississippi River had invited me to talk with people about the things we see in the river--good and bad--and the measures we're taking to help clean them when we can. I brought along a laptop and projector so folks could see, for themselves, the state of the waterways, through the lens of my camera. I was able to share maps of the debris fields we have catalogued, and demonstrate some of the equipment we use in this process called geo-trashing.

Among the most interested onlookers: A handful of Girl Scount troops and Cub Scout packs who couldn't believe what we had found and recovered. Their curiosity was fantastic, and their will to be a part of the solution was terribly admirable.

This morning, I set out to make a positive impression on people with regard to matters of stewardship. Indeed, those young people were the ones to make an impression on me.

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